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We’re here to ensure everyone feels connected to Plum—whether that’s with a sleek laptop sleeve for your tech endeavors, a Plum mug for your coffee breaks, a Plum mate, or custom-designed tees for your daily software solutions.

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That Plum sticker? It's to remind you of the boundless creativity that lies within you. That mate set? It's a nod to the traditions that inspire our modern world. That sleek bag? Well, it's for carrying your dreams and aspirations. Our t-shirts and hoodies? They're designed to wrap you in comfort as you showcase your affiliation with our community. And that classic pen? It's more than just a writing tool; it's an invitation to pen down your ideas. At Plum, every piece of swag is crafted with intention, helping you connect with our community's shared passion and spirit.

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We currently do not accept returns and are unable to edit your order once placed. If you would like to cancel your order and replace it with a new one before it has shipped, please connect with shop@plum.com.ar


Swags Made with 💙 Sold at Cost!

All of swags items are made with 💙 from Plum and are strictly sold at cost—not at a profit!